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Purpose By Design


What are you planning to do when you wake up tomorrow morning?

Do you have a plan? Have you developed a blueprint? You should recognize that you have been created with a purpose in mind. There is a reason for your existence. Whether you realize it or not, there are a few things you have been designed to do that no one else will be able to accomplish except you. The reality is, that up to this point, many of us have been working simply to work. Few of us have been working to fulfill our purpose. So, how do I know what my purpose is? This is a simple question with a basic answer that requires some in‑depth research.

Purpose is the thing or set of things you were created to fulfill. Your journey has been designed to bring these things into fruition, and it should be your goal to carry them out. The interesting thing about purpose is the way vision helps us to make it a reality. I like how Merriam-Webster defines vision: a manifestation to the senses of something immaterial.

What a definition! It is something that your senses already recognize that is going to happen but has not occurred in the natural realm. Think about that! You must begin to seek God’s reason for your life and perform an inward search for your purpose. Through this “purpose quest,” vision can be realized and ultimately materialized.

During my collegiate years, the educational journey ultimately resulted with a degree in engineering. Upon graduating from college, I began working in my field almost immediately. I love the engineering field, partly because of my passion for math and science. This makes engineering a unique and isolated field because of the challenge and fear that both math and science pose to so many individuals.

At its core, engineering is a concentrated area of science and technology primarily focused on the building, design, development, and operation of systems, chemicals, engines, and structures. As I have matured, I begin to clearly recognize that engineering, as a function, is very closely related to purpose in a person’s life and total existence. Much like engineering, your vision is the branch of your purpose that is concerned with providing you the essential plan to design, build, and develop the necessary actions to manifest that which is not material.

To continually create a clear understanding of these foundational terms, it is important to define purpose within this context. Purpose is God’s original, settled, predetermined, and never changing intent for your life. Your purpose does not change. Interestingly enough, you can and will have various purposes throughout the course of your life. This is why it is so important to be clear regarding the journey, the people, and the experiences that are assigned to the purpose that you are currently a part of and assigned to.

Please understand that the fulfillment of your purpose is the destination, but your vision is the vehicle that provides the transportation to your destination. So, is the purpose more important than the vision? Your purpose and vision compliment one another and need each other to survive and succeed. Yet, we must develop a balance that allows purpose and vision to mutually co‑exist. Too much of one and not enough of the other can become synonymous to a spinning top; there is a lot of movement but no progress!

The vision that was given to you must be carried out in totality. Do not overlook any detail or take any shortcuts. Everything counts. Everything is important. Everything has purpose. After this, stay on course and avoid the temptation to be distracted by certain things and people that you will encounter. If they are not a part of helping you fulfill your purpose, adding value to your life, or they consistently distract you from your journey of fulfillment, they could become lethal to your vision and cost you significantly. Get rid of things, people, places, or attitudes that take up valuable space in your life and in your heart. These individuals can often frustrate your purpose, thereby causing your vision to become cloudy. This leads to an overwhelming and unnecessary pressure that can often add pressure to the other issues that may be occurring in life. With so much pressure, we can often find ourselves doing all we can to try and make things work or happen. Yet once you are able to refocus on your God‑given purpose and channel all of your energies toward the goal, success is always imminent.

This blog contains excerpts for the book Engineering Your Vision by Linwood Dillard. All rights reserved.


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