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Diversify Your Relationships

The myth of vision engineering is rooted in the belief that this journey is a “party of one.” On the contrary, to effectively build, properly grow, and consistently blossom the vision and purpose designed for you can only be done through the building of great relationships. There is nothing that you will ever do on a major level on your own. There must be the impact of a unified, powerful team to sustain your vision and strengthen your potential.  There is no record of a single individual who was successful at fostering their God‑given vision, communicating it to the masses, amassing a succession of small victories, removing minor obstacles, overseeing and leading various projects, and navigating the required cultural changes needed within an organization to meet an expected goal without diverse relationships and great partnerships.

These relationships must be strong, strategic, and stable. This combination is always needed and must be applied daily. Please do not minimize the need for clearly and concisely defining diversity. This must be embraced on every level. The thinking, experience, insight, and perspectives must be just as diverse as the individuals. This is essential to the ability to build your vision with the height and visibility of a downtown skyscraper and not simply a one‑level structure.

As we take inventory of the current relationships and roles we have occupying our lives, there must be an understanding of where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed. These questions will immediately provide us with clarity on the chance that we have to make the proper connections with the right individuals. This is not just a concept of networking. As we start to look at the current questions that we must answer, our focus has to provide us with an internal evaluation monitor to clarify our qualifications for the impending connections.

Often, our narrow‑mindedness can and will force us to miss the possibilities that are necessary to not only cast an effective vision but also connect with people strong enough and committed enough to carry the vision. When you look at who you currently are, you must begin to be honest with who you are now. Much like investing from a financial perspective, you must become comfortable with the risk of stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is inclusive of race, background, and perspectives. The relationships that are needed along this journey are not limited to lines and walls. You must open up your scope to receive the diversity needed to grow.

Many of us even see others who we aspire to be like and those who we desire to connect with for our desired level of success. Yet we have not fully arrived at our destinations of purpose and fulfillment. The true challenge in all of us is our ability to escape the entrapments and shackles that our emotions place on our progress and success. There must be consistent and continual conditioning of the emotions. Without a constant renovation of our thoughts, fears, and failures, we may find ourselves accepting challenges that we once overcame with ease, but now, because of a lack of focus and emotional strength, we regularly receive blows to our lives that may prove to be detrimental.

As you evaluate your situation, embrace that fact that each person’s purpose and journey is unique. Everyone who reads this chapter may not be the head of a Fortune 100 company, a monarch, or the leader of a church or synagogue, but we all have a great purpose that is to be fulfilled through the connection to great people. Despite our current roles or responsibilities, the common denominator will always be our ability to manage our feelings and the health of our emotions.

To prepare to diversify your relationships, the greatest act of preparation is when you take a realistic evaluation and restructuring of your emotions. This will set the pace for great relationship success. See every moment, message, and memory as the tools of proper positioning. As you begin to evaluate the storehouse of relationships you have been blessed to encounter, begin to assess whether these relationships are for you to grow, for you to know, or for you to flow.

If these connections are ‘grow’ relationships, they are devised to assist you in growing toward your purpose. In others words, they will mature your conversations and wisdom when encountering the uniqueness in various situations and people.

From a sports perspective, the locker room is the place where teamwork is forged because it is the place where trust is solidified. Although the partnerships and game playing is experienced on the field in an environment where others spectate, the camaraderie and trust is created in the private spaces when only the athletes who are charged with winning are involved. To be a good teammate, you have to be trustworthy. You must decide to be trustworthy and create a mindset of team. This is a result of being able to do the things that you state you can and will do. Deciding to be trustworthy is a result of being a keeper of your word and a producer of fruitful actions. Trustworthiness is found within the basic structure of the word itself. You must present the image and actions that validate your worthiness of another person’s trust. This act alone creates a team‑focused mentality. When one individual decides to be held responsible for his job functions and actions, this permeates throughout the group. It enforces that I am my brother and sister’s keeper.

Diversity must be your goal. Relationships must be a part of your plan. Make them effective and make them matter. The team that you develop will impact the purpose that you must achieve. You are more prepared now than ever. Engineer your vision and operate in your purpose. I encourage you not to make your relationships one-dimensional. Encounter those who do not think the way you do or do the things you are used to. This level of diversity is necessary and beneficial.

Keep moving. Keep hearing. Keep diversifying.

This blog contains excerpts for the book Engineering Your Vision by Linwood Dillard. All rights reserved.

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