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Be Patient

For you and I to reach our optimum level of success, we must move toward a life of balance and stability. The reality of living and succeeding with seemingly invisible restraints of patience is key.

How does one move successfully forward while simultaneously embracing and employing patience? How is patience truly effective and efficient in the engineering process? How do I learn to make this principle a “way of life?”

Let me preface this chapter by reminding you again that all of us have been provided and equipped with vision and purpose. The challenge is that simultaneously many of us may be restrained by figurative handcuffs of anxiousness and are experiencing limited success because we are unable to learn the principle of patience. To obtain your purpose at its highest level, patience is something you have to exhibit every day.

God’s gift to us is our vision. There is a definitive process involved in refining the vision gift. The reality is that this process takes time. In engineering, there is a concept called Engineering project schedules and scheduling.   This is generally one of the critical variables to project success for engineers. A project schedule is a listing of a project’s milestones, activities, and deliverables, usually with intended start and finish dates. The key is that the project schedule must be realistic. One phase or action is generally dependent on the concurrent phase. Coordination of the project must be adhered be completed before you can start another task. There are no shortcuts possible. All steps must be carried out. Patience becomes the most valuable asset.

Likewise, your vision must have a schedule and must see every phase or experience as a necessary milestone that requires completion before you can progress toward the fulfillment of your total purpose. Never lose heart and always remember that it (your vision) shall come to pass. You must trust the process and stay on schedule. The problem is that we are often so overly impressed by the end product that we lose focus on the beauty of the process. The finished product has such a magnificent and beautiful appeal to it above ground, but underneath the ground, behind the walls, and inside the exterior, are often unattractive wires, an unappealing framework, inglorious metal beams, individual nails, insulation, and air ducts.

Discipline your mind to consistently read, study, and embrace additional developmental training options. Invest in your own vision. Help others with their vision. Learn to network. Develop a healthy respect for the process. Never get ahead of yourself. Sacrifice your personal resources. Endure the pain of embarrassment and possible seasons of lack in your life. Just remember; this is the necessary fee that is paid for success. As you discipline your heart and emotions, your patience will ultimately thrive during the process.

Having the understanding that success is relative to your choices, goals, and desires, the question must be posed: “Is my purpose and vision experiencing extreme bondage simply because my patience is unwilling to embrace true freedom?” This is a critical moment of clarity, and we will be unable to move forward in this book without evaluating where our level of patience resides. Seeing that we are now focused on patience within our purpose and vision, there must be a more clearly detailed format and perspective for success.

The question may arise: “If I am successful or satisfied with where I am, is my purpose not being fulfilled?” Success is much like a car dealership that for over a decade consistently turned its inventory into revenue and issued amazing customer service. Satisfaction is synonymous to the gas tank inside any automobile, once it is filled, that will allow the vehicle to travel to various destinations, because the fuel powers the car’s system. Yet, the more you drive, the more you increase the chances of having to find a gas station to refuel over and over again. On the other hand, purpose is like Henry Ford, who, realizing that his purpose led him to transfer horsepower into an engine housed within a Model T Ford, he created a need and necessitated the perpetual success of the car dealer and the fuel manufacturer. If Mr. Ford’s purpose had been eliminated, this would have threatened the potential of future success and satisfaction in a plethora of other related areas.

Knowing this, value can now be determined and defined in your life no matter what age you are or what stage on which you currently operate. This realization leads to the foundational aspects of your support system and the behavior that has been shaped within your inner compass.

Many of the moments in this life are littered with principles used to motivate and propel success. You are experiencing growth. You are developing patience. You are leading on the road to ultimate purpose. Share this first set of principles with others you know. They are the building blocks that visionaries must possess to succeed in every aspect of life.

This blog contains excerpts for the book Engineering Your Vision by Linwood Dillard. All rights reserved.


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